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Update time!

Aug. 4th, 2008 | 05:51 pm
location: My Room
mood: hungryhungry
music: Television

Sorry I have been gone for the past two weeks or so. I went on a long trip with my family up north. 

So needless to say, I didn't really try to gain... but all we ate was fast food... the WHOLE trip. :D

YAY! So we get home today and I go weigh myself.... I am happy to say I have hit 225. :P

My waist is 47.5'' standing and 50'' sitting. :P

I can't wait till it is 50'' standing. I feel very hungry right now.... but we have nothing to eat in the house. I will try to scrounge something up... 

Hooray for feeling fat! :P

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After spending all day with my friends...

Jun. 17th, 2008 | 08:35 pm

I swam in a pool... gorged on pizza and icecream.... but I honestly didn't feel all that full.....

I feel my hunger growing and my capacity growing every day.
But I went to the bathroom last night... (If you know what I mean.)

And so I get home and weight myself.. which I haven't done in a week.

It said 217!!!!

I was like HOORAY!!! :D
But then again I have eaten alot... and there probably is still all the food from today and maybe some from yesterday still in there. :P

But that means I am probably about 215 pounds! :)

According to most sites... I now have a 30 BMI which means I am finally "obese" and I checked some other stats....

I have about 37 - 38% body fat, I should be eating 2200 calories a day, and my Waist to Hip ratio is about 1.07 which means I am an apple shape.

My belly is about 47'' around standing... and sitting I would probably guess around 50''.
I am 5'11''... almost 6'0''..... and I am soooo excited!! :D

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Jun. 4th, 2008 | 02:46 pm
location: My Room
mood: hungryhungry
music: My stomach rumbling

I step on my scale today when I get home... and it says 212! 212!!!!

Hopefully that is real weight and not because I haven't gone to the bathroom today. :P

I really want to start like hardcore gaining once i hit 215 because then I would be considered obese.

Wish me luck! :) Maybe I will do a bloat tonight and I will take some pics.


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My First Entry

Jun. 1st, 2008 | 01:30 am
location: My Chair
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Divine Design on TV

Ok this is my first entry in my gaining journal. Wow!

It has been almost five months since I started gaining. 

I was 5'11'' and 190 pounds back on January 1st, 2008.

I am now 5'11.5'' and 210 pounds. Now don't think I gained slowly. I was eating all I could, and for the first three months I was gaining about five pounds a month. But I slowed down in April and May resulting in a slower gain. I think I have found that those three months I ate so much that my stomach has stretched a ton, and it is surprising me just how much I can eat now.

Well, I am looking for some new friends and some encouragements, so I ask for all the help I can get. :)


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